iBall Pen Tablet Price – May 2010

iBall Tablet

The PF01209 is aimed at professionals and incorporates sophisticated technologies such as pen tilt support and a report rate of 200rps, allowing intuitive large gesture sketching and drawing. The tablet offers pinpoint accuracy (2000lpi) and 1024 pressure sensitivity levels are provided to fully employ brush and filter options in Photoshop and Painter


  • 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity to fully employ brush, colour and filter options in digital imaging applications
  • Detectable pen tilt up to 60 degrees from vertical for dynamic sensing of pencil and paint brush movements in digital imaging applications
  • High 2000 lpi resolution for pin point accuracy
  • 200 rps response rate for fast and intuitive, large gesture drawing
  • Absolute cursor positioning to avert computer related injuries
  • Plastic overlay to trace images and documents
  • Sturdy adjustable stand for an ergonomic posture while designing for long span of time
  • Create professional design and artwork (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Painter, Maya, 3DStudioMax, Pro-E, etc.)
  • Wireless mouse and digital stylus pen offer absolute cursor positioning

Price : Rs. 8,900/-

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