Tata Motors – Prima World truck

Tata Motors begins distribution of Prima World truck

Tata Motors has begun distribution of its Prima range of World Trucks, which was unveiled in May this year.

The first product, the Prima 4028 S, is a 40-tonne 266-PS (Cummins ISBE engine) tractor with a 9-speed ZF transmission, and a matching trailer with new generation brakes, ABS and specialised axles for heavy duty and high speed application. The 4028 S tractor-trailer is ideal for carrying freight, like steel, cement, and containers, up to 40.2 tonnes of Gross Combination Weight.
The tractor’s spacious air-conditioned cabin includes reclining seats, adjustable steering wheels, arm rests for driver comfort. It has got sleepers to facilitate long-distance travel. These features are designed to induce longer and more trips. Global Positioning System for vehicle tracking is a standard fitment.

The driving comforts enable the vehicle to operate non-stop for long hours and cover over 700 kms each day thereby offering faster turnaround.

The distribution has begun with select customers in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi & West Bengal. Driving crew of these customers have been trained at Tata Motors’ manufacturing facility in Jamshedpur. The company has already equipped its countrywide service network to support the Prima range.

The Prima 4028 S tractor has been priced at Rs.21 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi), and that with the trailer is Rs.31 lakhs.

The 4028 S tractor-trailer will be followed during the course of the financial year with three other products two 49-tonne tractor-trailers and a 31-tonne tipper in key segments and routes. They are all BS-III and BS-IV compliant.

The Prima range comprises about 10 major variants of multi-axle trucks, tractor-trailers, tippers, mixers and special application vehicles. The range has been jointly developed by Tata Motors and its two subsidiaries, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company in South Korea and the Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc in the UK. The company has harnessed the best of inputs and technologies in styling, engines, transmission, suspension, chassis frames, fabrication and dies — from partners based in countries like Italy, Germany, Sweden, the US, Japan and South Korea. The distribution of the range will be completed in phases over 2 years.

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