Olympus 8-16×40 DPS I Binocular Price

For rugged power and outstanding presentation look no extra than the Olympus 8-16×40 Trooper. 8-16×40 Binoculars are outstanding for activities like bird watching, hiking, and sporting events, the 8-16×40 DPS I Binoculars provides you the flexibility to zoom in and out on your subject so you carry on to keep it in focus no matter how near or far you might be. 8-16×40 Trooper DPS I boasts an anti-reflective lens coating to provide you superior image brightness, contrast and quality so whether you’re zoomed in or zoomed out by 8-16×40 DPS I Binoculars, in Olympus 8-16×40 the image quality stays the same – excellent!

Olympus 8-16×40 Trooper DPS I is a zoom Binoculars with very well resolution for its class. These Olympus 8-16×40 handle fairly easily and have a tripod adapter socket for comprehensive observation sessions. Many zoom Binoculars on the market either have very little in the way of coatings or otherwise too small of an objective lens diameter to make use of the zoom range. Olympus Trooper 8-16×40 suffers from neither fate.

Salient Features of Olympus 8-16×40 DPS I

  • High-power 8-16x zooming capability
  • Durable, high-quality finish with
  • sure-grip rubber coating
  • UV ray protection for worry-free viewing
  • Anti-reflective lens coating for better
  • image brightness, contrast and quality
  • Large centre-focus knob for fast and
  • easy focusing
  • Built-in dioptric correction adjusts to
  • individual eyesight
  • Size W x H x D (mm): 182 x 152 x 58
  • Weight: 790g

Price : Rs. 5500/-

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