Euroclean Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners Price

The Euroclean WD equipped with deep cleaning+ technology, sucks up all the dirt and dust instantly from floors, carpets, cupboard tops and other areas. Its unique wet pick-up sucks the wet spills from floors, sinks, drains etc.

Price Rs. 9,990/-

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    Please let me know what models are available in Euroclean Vacuum Cleaner. I find specs vary in different sites, and price also is quoted as Rs.9690 and Rs.9990. Weight is said to be 8.6Kgs in one site while it is 6 Kgs elsewhere.Please tell me the right model if there is only one or list all models of Euroclean sold in India.

  • Sasidharan T K

    I wish to purchase one for my home ;use please give details of the same at the earliest
    I am located at Kochi, Kerala
    With regards
    Sasidharan T K

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